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Diagnosis, Prevention and Treatment of Mitral Valve Prolapse – Heart Doctors in Houston

Best Cardiologists in HoustonThe mitral valve sits between the left atrium and the left ventricle and helps control the flow of blood from the left atrium into the left ventricle. The mitral valve consists of two flaps called leaflets. Normally, the leaflets open and shut in coordinated fashion to allow blood to flow in one direction from the atrium to the ventricle.

Mitral Valve Prolapse (MVP) is the most common valvular abnormality, affecting approximately 2-6% of the population in the United States.

Causes of Mitral Valve Prolapse:

Mitral valve prolapse occurs when the valve between your heart’s left upper chamber (left atrium) and the left lower chamber (left ventricle) doesn’t close properly. Another name for Mitral Valve Prolapse is Click-Murmur Syndrome.

MVP usually has a benign course, but it occasionally leads to serious complications, including clinically significant mitral regurgitation, infection of endocarditis, sudden cardiac death, and cerebrovascular ischemic events. MVP often occurs in people who have no other heart problems, and the condition may be inherited.

Signs and Symptoms of Mitral Valve Prolapse:

  • Anxiety
  • Dizziness
  • Chest discomfort
  • Easily tired (fatigue)
  • Shortness of breath
  • Bursts of rapid heartbeat (palpitations)

Mitral valve prolapse

Symptoms do not always relate to how serious your MVP is. You may have frequent symptoms, yet diagnostic tests may show your valve leak is not significant. These symptoms may cause you to worry, but they are not dangerous or life threatening, and, may not require treatment at all.

Exams and Tests of Mitral Valve Prolapse (MVP):

The doctor will perform a physical exam and use a stethoscope to listen to your heart and lungs. The doctor may feel a thrill (vibration) over the heart, and hear a heart murmur (“midsystolic click”). The murmur gets longer and louder when you stand up. Blood pressure is most often normal.

The following tests used to diagnose mitral valve prolapse or a leaky mitral valve:

  • Chest x-ray
  • MRI of the heart
  • CT scan of the chest
  • Echocardiogram, ECG
  • Cardiac catheterization

Mitral valve prolapse can develop in any person at any age. Serious symptoms of mitral valve prolapse tend to occur most often in men older than 50.

Treatment of Mitral Valve Prolapse:

Most people who have mitral valve prolapse (MVP) don’t need treatment because they don’t have symptoms and complications. Even people who do have symptoms may not need treatment. The presence of symptoms doesn’t always mean that the backflow of blood through the valve is significant. People who have MVP and troublesome mitral valve backflow may be treated with medicines, surgery, or both.

  • Relieving symptoms
  • Correcting the underlying mitral valve problem, if necessary
  • Preventing infective endocarditis, arrhythmias, and other complications

Surgery: Surgery is done only if the mitral valve is very abnormal and blood is flowing back into the atrium. The main goal of surgery is to improve symptoms and reduce the risk of heart failure.

Surgical Approaches: Traditionally, heart surgeons repair or replace a mitral valve by making an incision (cut) in the breastbone and exposing the heart.

Valve Repair and Valve Replacement: In mitral valve surgery, the valve is repaired or replaced. Valve repair is preferred when possible. Repair is less likely than replacement to weaken the heart. Repair also lowers the risk of infection and decreases the need for lifelong use of blood-thinning medicines. If repair isn’t an option, the valve can be replaced. Mechanical and biological valves are used as replacement valves.

Seek counsel from our Cardiology Doctors in Houston if you suspect you are suffering from Mitral Valve Prolapse (MVP) for the best treatment options for you.

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Peripheral Angiography and Stenting in Houston

Area Cardiologist, Dr. Annie Varughese MD, FACC, has some thrilling things happening at her practice, advanced Cardiovascular Care Center. Since April, Dr. Varughese, who has been in practice in Northwest  Houston and The Woodlands area for 20 years, has also acquired the practices of Dr. Alan Mobley in  Conroe and Dr. Harmohinder Bhatia in Spring formerly on Cypress Station Drive. Both Dr. Mobley and Dr. Bhatia had planned to retire but they are so happy and excited about the changes they see happening in their practices since the merger with Dr. Varughese and the opportunity to provide such advanced care to patients that they have decided to continue practicing alongside Dr. Varughese. Dr. Bhatia says he now wants to stay in practice forever. Dr. Varughese, who practices what is known as Preventive and Interventional Cardiology, focuses on just that: the prevention and intervention of cardiac incidence. She does this through state of the art analysis and preventative treatments, testing, nutrition and exercise. Dr. Varughese is supported also in her endeavor to provide outstanding procedural care for her patients by her associate Dr. Kozhaya Sokhon who brings to the mix of physician’s high quality procedural techniques including that of vascular stenting and electro physiologic evaluation and intervention.

Advanced lipid tests are sent to what she considers one of the best labs in the country, which is located in Boston, where they do extensive testing on the blood to evaluate the genetic tendency toward vascular disease which allows Dr. Varughese to diagnose From Heart Passionate and compassionate care from Dr. Annie Varughese of Advanced Cardiovascular Care Center problems such as diabetes and clot formation early to prevent the devastating entities of heart attack and stroke. Patients are also evaluated for their specific needs for nutrition to support cardiovascular health. Dr. Varughese also provides referrals for Nutritional and Personal Training evaluations both locally and through her affiliation as physician leader with an International Organization of Health and Wellness known as Unicity International. Dr. Varughese has even created her own brand of supplements known as Cardiovits, part of her Dolce Vita Cardio line of wellness products to support cardiovascular health. She also teaches her patients and colleagues regarding a weight loss therapy, Bios Life Slim, which is a clinically proven, safe and effective, natural product for removing fat and inches and also allows for the stabilization of blood sugar and insulin levels and therefore is fabulous for the diabetic as well as cardiovascular patient. At Advanced Cardiovascular Care Center, Dr. Varughese is also performing the seemingly well-kept secret, External Counter Pulsation. In this procedure collateral blood vessels in the muscle of the heart are dilated. This allows patients to benefit from better blood flow in the coronary arteries of the heart. Dr. Varughese says it is highly effective and beneficial and can be done once a year with most insurances companies and every other year with Medicare. Her goal is to ‘prevent cardiac incidence by providing fabulous care to people all over the world.’
Dr. Annie Varughese is so much more than just a cardiologist. She is multi-talented, gifted, warm and friendly but first and foremost, she wants you to know that she’s a Christian and believes that she has been able to achieve all that she has not only through the support of her family, but because ‘God opens every door so your heart’s desire can come to life.’ Of Indian descent, her family immigrated to this country when Annie was only three years old. Her father came here as a Bible school scholar and her family comes from a long line of Christians. He longed to bring his children to this land of opportunity where they could glean the best of what this country has to offer. She grew up in Mayfield, Kentucky and Augusta, Georgia and when she was six she told her daddy that she wanted to ‘be a heart doctor and take care of people’s hearts.’ She has achieved that dream in spades. Dr. Varughese had fabulous training at some of the most highly regarded facilities in the U.S. including Emory University and The University of Texas at the Texas Medical Center as well as The Texas Heart Institute and St. Lukes Episcopal Hospital . She was rewarded for her hard work last year when she was voted one of America’s top cardiologists for 2011. Very impressive for a small town girl! She has earned many awards and accolades which include being a Member of Trademark’s Who’s Who among Professionals in America. She is Board Certified in Cardiovascular Disease, Certified in Interventional Cardiology and Nuclear Cardiology, Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine at University of Texas, Houston, and Member of America’s Top Cardiologists by Consumer Research Council of America to name a few. She is an avid international speaker on multiple topics including that of women and heart disease. She is also a recording artist and has authored two books, How to Become a Healthier, Slimmer You and a second book, which is coming out soon and which speaks to the health needs of adolescents. But her complete passion is for her patients. She comforts them when they are frightened by singing them her favorite hymns, Amazing Grace and How Great Thou Art. She takes them by the hand, walks them through their life and shows them the way to Amazing Health.

Dr. Varughese is presently assembling a package including several tests which screen High School athletes for the conditions that cause Sudden Cardiac Death. She is offering this package at minimal cost to families to help prevent further occurrence of this senseless tragedy.

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