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Advanced Cardiovascular Care Center offers cardiac services in a warm, comforting, relaxing atmosphere. The practice is committed to high quality patient care in an ever-changing health care environment.

The practice operates under the direction of Dr. Annie Varughese, Board-Certified in Cardiology and leading cardiology specialist providing treatment for heart attacks, angina, hypertension and all aspects of cardiology. The well-trained cardiology staff offers a variety of comprehensive, state-of-the-art services to diagnose, treat and manage heart disease. Our cardiac specialists improve the lives of thousands of patients every year using advanced surgical and non-surgical procedures.

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The goal is to provide state-of-the-art cardiology care in a personal setting for our patients. We provide information for you and your family so you can understand the problem, tests and any recommended treatments.

We thank you for selecting Advanced Cardiovascular Care Center for you or your loved ones. We appreciate any suggestions how we might improve our service for you.

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Cardio Diagnostic Tests in Houston

In order to properly diagnosis an illness, an individual must undergo a series of tests. Some medical tests are simply a physical examination. Other tests require elaborate equipment used by medical technologists or the use of a sterile operating environment.
Specifically, a diagnostic test is a kind of medical test performed to aid in the diagnosis or detection of a disease.

For example, diagnostic tests can:

• Diagnose diseases
• measure the progress or recovery from disease
• confirm that a person is free from disease

In the case of cardiologists, diagnostic tests are critical in detecting and monitoring illnesses of the heart and surrounding tissues.

For example, following are a few of the more common cardiology diagnostic tests:

• Blood test
• CAT Scans
• Echocardiography
• Electrocardiograms (EKG)
• Exercise Stress Tests
• MRIs
• Cardiac catherization
• Cardiac biopsy

Diagnostic tests are a safe way to look inside the heart and determine not only the ailment, but possibly the safest and most effective treatment option. Cardiologists rely on diagnostic testing to monitor a disease and watch its progression or improvement.

If preventative measures weren’t enough to keep you from falling victim to a heart or blood vessel disorder, in best case scenarios, diagnostic testing can quite possibly catch the ailment in an early stage where treatment is non-invasive and rapid.

If you fear you may suffer from a heart disorder, see your cardiologist at Advanced Cardiovascular Care Center immediately to gain an accurate diagnosis and an effective treatment plan.

Advanced Cardiovascular Care Center – Best Cardiologists of Houston

Advanced Cardiovascular Care Center :

Advanced Cardiovascular Care Center is usually a Heart Clinic in Houston offers the highest common associated with fineness & using individual attention towards sufferers. Our heart specialist in Houston offers prevention & cure pertaining to heart problems. We are well trained and experienced Cardiology Doctors inHouston offering innovative Coronary heart companies simply by our own staff members to meet up with your wants associated with heart sufferers. We are specific in offering quality advanced lipid test in Houston.

Top Cardiologists in Houston

Cardiac Care Center in Houston

We provide EKG Echocardiogram services in Houston which in turn with detecting the guts troubles. We provide echocardiography services in Houston check to be able to identify congenial cardiovascular blemishes. We are thought to be Best Cardiologistsin Houston treating sufferers to comprehend attention. Our heart doctors in Houston are usually experience with treating cardiovascular ailments. PFO & ASD Closure in Houston is usually a sort of congenital cardiovascular problem that enables blood circulation. We provide nuclear stress test in Houston.

Our top cardiologists in Houston which offers the highest common associated with fineness with Coronary heart proper care. We provide stress echo in Houston any check to find out the way nicely the cardiovascular characteristics. We provide Holter/event monitor services in Houston to be able to identify unpredictable heart rhythm. We provide quality carotid stenting services in Houston at reasonably priced value. We provide carotid ultrasound test services in Houston to be able to analysis image resolution approach.

We are Houston cardiologists, present comprehensive analysis assessments. Transesophageal Echo test services in Houston works by using seem lake to make photographs with the cardiovascular. Choose our own Weight Loss Therapyin Houston to become sleek, match in addition to effective. We are extremely geared up with offering cardiac MRI/coronary CTA scans services in Houston. We conduct external counter pulsation therapy in Houston test services. Obtain screened using Tilt table test in Houston to be able to prognosis the reason for the fainting spells.

Our heart specialists present Peripheral Angiography in addition to stenting services in  Houston in addition to examine heart problems indications, signs in addition to create a cure. We provide the most effective cardiac catheterization and stenting services in Houston at low rates. Contact our cardiac care center in Houston at 281-866-7701 to find more, go to

EKG Echocardiography – Advanced Cardiovascular Care Centre

Echocardiography is a diagnostic test that uses ultrasound, or high-frequency sound waves, to create images of the heart. A transducer, or modified microphone, turns electrical energy into sound waves, which bounce off tissues in the heart and are recorded onto videotape or computer for later analysis.

An echocardiogram clearly shows major structures of the heart.

We perform Echocardiography in Houston and it is primarily used to detect and assess the following:

  • Blocked coronary arteries;
  • Heart Failure or cardiomyopathy (enlargement of the heart);
  • Congenital (present at birth) heart defects;
  • Damage from hypertension (high blood pressure);
  • Heart attack damage or scarring;
  • Pericardial disease (the membrane that surrounds the heart);
  • Functioning of the heart muscle, blood vessels and valves.

Several echocardiographic techniques can be used, including:

Echocardiographic stress testing: This test evaluates how well the heart works during exercise, or stress. People who cannot exercise are given medications that simulate exercise.

Transesophageal Echo: A long, slender, flexible tube is inserted into the mouth, through the esophagus, and into the stomach. Transesophageal Echo produces a highly detailed image of the heart because there are no internal structures to obstruct the view.

Our Houston Cardiologist is expert in providing the best treatment for both Echocardiography in Houston and Transesophageal Echo in Houston.

EKG Echocardiogram which is an essential piece of the beginning assessment of a patient who is suspected to show at least a bit of kindness related issue. Little sticky anodes are connected to the patient’s midsection, arms and legs. Be that as it may, with a few frameworks, the terminals may be connected to the midsection, shoulders and the sides of the lower midsection, or hips.

An EKG Echocardiogram shows how fast the heart is beating and shows its rhythm (steady or irregular) in 12 different places on the body at the same time. It also records the strength and timing of the electrical signals as they pass through each part of the heart.

An EKG can help reveal a number of heart problems. This is especially true if doctors can compare a current EKG Echocardiogram recording to an older one. EKG Echocardiogram recordings can also reveal. An EKG can help doctors diagnose:

  • A Heart attack, whether it is happening now or has happened in the past.
  • Lack of blood flow to the heart muscle
  • An irregular heartbeat
  • A heart that does not pump forcefully enough
  • Disease in the heart valves between the different heart chambers
  • Birth defects in the heart.

Our cardiac care center providing better treatment for EKG ,  Echocardiogram in Houston and gave a new life for patients. Now it is one of the best Cardiac care centers in Houston.

Holter Monitoring is a recording of your heart’s activity, your heart rate and heart rhythm. The recording runs for a set period, usually 24 hours or 48 hours. The activity is recorded on a battery-operated recorder, smaller than the size of a deck of cards, by attaching five patches or electrodes to your body.

When the recording is complete, a report is generated for your provider to review and make recommendations for your medical care and treatment. Our top cardiologist providing Holter/event monitor test services in Houston.

Event Monitoring is a recording of your heart’s activity, your heart rate and heart rhythm. Event monitors are given to you for a 30 day period of time. The activity is recorded on a battery- operated recorder, smaller than the size of a deck of cards, by attaching three patches or Holter/Event Monitor electrodes to your body.

You push a button when you feel your symptoms, this triggers the monitor to record for 60 seconds and the tracing is then transmitted to the monitoring company. This information is gathered over the 30 day timeframe. When the 30 day monitoring period is complete, a report is generated for your provider to review and make recommendations for your medical care and treatment.

Our Advanced Cardiovascular Care Center explains clearly on both Holter/event monitor in Houston and their working steps and how to perform the test perfectly to acquire best results and their by protecting you from having heart stroke.

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