Cardiac Catheterization & Stenting

Cardiac Catheterization & Stenting

Cardiac Catheterization & Stenting in Houston – Advanced Cardiovascular Care Center

A coronary catheterization is a procedure to access the coronary circulation and blood filled chambers of the heart by using a catheter. It is performed for both diagnostic and interventional treatment purposes.

Coronary catheterization and Stenting is one of the several cardiology diagnostic tests and procedures. Specifically, coronary catheterization is a visually interpreted test performed to recognize occlusion, stenosis, restenosis, thrombosis or aneurismal enlargement of the coronary artery lumens; heart chamber size; heart muscle contraction performance; and some aspects of heart valve function. Important internal heart and lung blood pressures, not measurable from outside the body and it can be accurately measured during the test.

cardiac catheterization & Stenting

The relevant problems that the test deals with most commonly occur as a result of advanced atherosclerosis – atheroma is an activity within the wall of the coronary arteries. Less frequently, valvular, heart muscle or arrhythmia issues are the primary focus of the test.

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