Peripheral Angiography & Stenting

Peripheral Angiography & Stenting :

The best treatment for Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) relies on upon various factors, including your general health and the seriousness of the disease. Sometimes, medicines or procedures that open up clogged blood veins are prescribed to treat Peripheral Arterial Disease. If decreased blood flow to the legs is bringing on harm to the feet and toes, a foot consideration program to prevent sores or infection may be prescribed.

Peripheral Angiography in Houston by our expert Interventional Cardiologist:

Blocked veins in the legs and lower body can make issues like cramps and poor injury mending. After some time, this condition can expand your danger of hypertension and stroke. A peripheral angiography is a diagnostic tool that figures out whether you are suffering because of blocked or limited veins in the lower furthest points.

Peripheral angiography test includes the injection of dye in the leg veins, like a catheterization and regularly done at the same time. Blockages are distinguished and the best treatment alternatives are resolved. Your cardiac specialist may arrange this test on the off chance that you are encountering agony in your legs during effort or if peripheral vascular disease is suspected.

Peripheral Angiography performed if blood is not streaming legitimately to legs or arms. The peripheral angiography test uses cardiac specialist with x- ray to help specialists to see the arteries in patient’s legs to figure out whether he/she has a contracted or blocked zone.

A small catheter is placed into the artery then injects some dye into the catheter. When the dye has had sufficient energy to spread through the supply routes, x-ray used to see the veins and pinpoint any issue territories. After the strategy, patient will spend a couple of hours in the recovery room to guarantee that the dye and sedative don’t bring about any issues and to screen the insertion site for bleeding.

If patient have been experiencing leg issues or different indications of poor flow in his/her furthest points, a peripheral angiography is a compelling, simple approach to test for cardiovascular issues. Our Interventional cardiologists are experts in minimally invasive treatments have an extraordinary expansiveness of preparing and give counsels to each sort of specialist.

We are board certified best Interventional Cardiologists providing Peripheral Angiography Test Services in Houston to recognize narrowing of vessel or blocked regions in the veins supplying patient’s pelvis, legs, knees, lower legs which is created by decreased blood flow down the leg and to the feet.

Advanced Cardiovascular Care Center dedicated team of top cardiologists in Houston, providing compassion, expertise and advanced resources to the patients who have been diagnosed with cardiac & vascular disease. As group of best cardiologists in Houston, our work is supported and enhanced by advanced technology and research at involving one of many worlds’ most respected hospitals.

Contact us at Advanced Cardiovascular Care Center for the best cardiologists of Houston to get the Peripheral Angiography & Stenting.

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