Enhanced External Counter Pulsation Therapy in Houston

Advanced Cardiovascular Care Center provides the highest standard of excellence in cardiovascular care while exemplifying our ideals of customized patient care. Our goal is that of achieving superior patient satisfaction in every aspect of services given. We perceive our organization working towards one common goal, that of our patients’ good health and well being. To that end, we pledge our services.

Enhanced External Counter Pulsation Therapy (EECP) is a procedure that uses blood pressure cuffs on your legs to treat angina (chest pain). External Counter pulsation Therapy, also called ECP, is a non-invasive treatment for chronic stable angina. EECP therapy may be utilized in the event that regardless you have chest pain after treatment with prescription, bypass surgery, or angioplasty.

Enhanced external counter pulsation may stimulate the opening or arrangement of, little branches of veins (securities) to make a natural bypass around contracted or blocked arteries.

Enhanced refers to the equipment that has evolved over decades or innovative work to turn into the cutting edge treatment delivery system now utilized as a part of EECP treatment focuses. External means treatment happens outside of your body and doesn’t oblige surgery.

The EECP system compresses your lower limbs to build blood stream toward your heart. Every wave of pressure is electronically timed to your pulse, so that the expanded blood stream is conveyed to your heart at the exact minute it is relaxing. At the point when the heart pumps once more, pressure is discharged immediately. This brings down resistance in the veins of your legs so the blood may be pumped all the more effectively from the heart.

You may be a possibility to EECP treatment if:

  • You have angina
  • You experienced bypass surgery or angioplasty previously, and angina has returned
  • You have been informed that you are not a contender for bypass surgery or angioplasty
  • Nitroglycerin does not give sufficient alleviation from your angina

EECP is a effective, safe, and non-invasive approach to treat this condition. It works by re- directing blood stream to increase the measure of blood going to the heart. Sometimes referred to as a “natural bypass,” EECP stimulates the development of new blood vessels around blocked arteries.

While EECP is performed, you will be lying on a special treatment table wrapped in three arrangements of cuffs around your calves, lower thighs and upper thighs. The EECP treatment system incorporates an air compressor that inflates and deflates these cuffs, beginning with the calf cuffs, then the lower thigh cuffs, and afterward the cuffs at the upper thigh and buttocks.

Benefits of the Treatment Include:

  • Expanded activity tolerance
  • Elimination or decrease in activity included indications of absence of oxygen to the heart muscle
  • Diminish in requirement for antianginal medicine
  • Disposal or decline in scenes of chest agony

For additional information patients can approach to our External Counter Pulsation Therapy in Houston Advanced Cardiovascular Care Center with team of top cardiologists in Houston are available 24/7 days and providing treatment at patients at high standards of personal care.

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