Carotid Stenting Services

We provide Holter/event monitor services to detect irregular heart beat. An event monitor is a small portable monitor that is activated when you have “an event,” that is, he experiences symptoms of a heart problem. In Holter/event monitor test is a way to detect suspected arrhythmias. It is a device wearing a small, portable and battery operated ECG recorder called a Holter monitor.

We provide echocardiography, a test to detect congenial heart defects. This test has become routinely used in the diagnosis, management, and follow-up of patients with any suspected or known heart diseases. It is one of the most widely used diagnostic tests in cardiology. It also gives physicians other estimates of heart function such as a calculation of the cardiac output, ejection fraction, and diastolic function.

It is a non-invasive, thereby reducing the risk of complications associated with surgery. Complications as a result of treatment are typically minor and rare when compared to other treatments. Most people tolerate with no major discomfort, side effects or complications. Our cardiac care center providing external counter pulsation test services performed as a non-invasive treatment on individual to reduce the number and intensity of angina episodes.

Our weight loss therapy facilitates you to change your daily life activities usually run by our physician, nutritionists and other bios life slim professionals. The tips and suggestions from our experts are to help you change your over eating habits, thus become more active helping you to make choose right healthier choices.

Transesophageal echo test services done by our cardiologists, which is often used to provide information during surgery to treat heart valves, a tear in the aorta or congenital heart lesions. This test is performed in the presence of ultrasound technician, nurse and a cardiology doctor.

Our advanced heart clinic presenting nuclear stress test services. It is a Diagnostic test used to evaluate blood flow to the heart. A radioactive substance, such as thallium is injected into a vein. Our advanced heart clinic providing nuclear stress test services to measure the flow of blood to heart at rest and while heart is working harder as a result of exertion. Nuclear stress test shows the images of the areas where low blood flow through the heart and damaged heart muscle. This test also referred as radionuclide test or thallium stress test.

Carotid stenting is an endovascular process in which a tiny, slender metal-mesh tube or stent is fitted inside a carotid artery to increase the flow of blood blocked by plaques. It is recommended for patients who are unable to experience carotid endarterectomy, and which is the most ordinary vascular surgery performed in the United States at present. We provide quality carotid stenting services.

During heart catheterization, the doctor carefully puts a long, thin tube called a catheter into a vein. Generally, heart catheterization is a fairly low-risk procedure, but it is not risk-free. The doctor will clarify the risks of heart catheterization to you in more detail before you give your consent for the procedure. We provide the best cardiac catheterization and stenting services.

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