Echocardiography in Houston

An echocardiogram allows doctors to take images of heart to see its chambers as they move and flow of blood. An echocardiogram is a painless, noninvasive procedure using ultrasound waves to create pictures and take measurements of the inside of a person’s heart. As we use an ultrasound we call it as echocardiography.

Echocardiography test is used to assess both the structure and the function of the heart. It can be used to detect various heart diseases and can also track the effectiveness of various medications and treatments.

Echocardiography is the study of heart and function using sound waves. This is done by moving an ultrasound transducer to various locations on the chest, back or abdomen in order to image each structure of the heart from various viewpoints.

An intravenous line (IV) needs to be inserted to allow for the administration of small gas bubbles that enhance the images. We offer detailed in-house ultrasound exams and echocardiograms for both routine and urgent needs. This enables to diagnose some of the more complicated disease states as well as obtain minimally-invasive biopsies of internal organs. Doctors of cardiac care center providing Echocardiography in Houston to see how your heart beats and its pumping and to find existence of any abnormalities in the heart muscle.

Echocardiography has seen a progression expansion of its use and indications over the past decade. It provides a great deal of valuable information, and is quite helpful in the overall evaluation of patients.

Echocardiograms, as already mentioned, provide valuable information but are used predominantly to help evaluate patients with existing conditions and/or risk factors for disease.

The information obtained from an echocardiogram is used to guide therapy in choices of medications, lifestyle changes, or further testing and is prognostic when abnormalities are found in people with the same conditions we discussed.

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