Carotid Stenting in Houston

Carotid artery stenting (CAS) is a minimally invasive technique for treating carotid artery disease.

During the carotid stenting procedure, a stent (stainless steel or metal alloys) is inserted into carotid artery after performing angioplasty by inserting a long, thin tube called a catheter with an attached balloon into a small incision over an artery in your arm or groin.

A small balloon or filter called an embolic protection device, which helps to prevent strokes by catching the clots or debris that may break away from the plaque during the procedure.

At the blockage area, doctor inflates and deflates the angioplasty balloon to stretch the plaque and widen the space where the blood flows through. After the artery is open, catheter removed by attaching balloon.

Using another catheter, a compressed stent placed to the same area in the blocked carotid artery. Once the stent is in place, catheter is released. The stent then expands to fit the artery.

Your physician then removes the stent-carrying catheter and any embolic protection devices. Stents remain permanently in your carotid artery. Carotid stenting usually takes about 1-2 hours and sometimes it may exceed. Our cardiology doctors performing Carotid Stenting in Houston at high standards of personal care to every patient.

24 Hours emergency service provided. Call on 281-866-7701.

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