Carotid Stenting in Houston

Carotid artery stenting (CAS) is a technique that can be utilized to open contracted carotid supply routes. It is additionally called carotid angioplasty and stenting.

There are two carotid supply routes, one on every side of the neck that supplies blood to the cerebrum. Greasy development (plaque) can limited or piece these supply routes (stenosis). At the point when one or both of your carotid supply routes are limited, it can make it hard for blood to stream to the cerebrum. Carotid artery stenting may enhance blood stream to your mind and bring down your danger of having a stroke. Our cardiology doctors performing Carotid Stenting in Houston.

Amid carotid artery stenting, a little, expandable tube called a stent is forever embedded into the carotid artery.

To embed the stent, the specialist utilizes another tube called a catheter or cath. The specialist embeds the catheter into the crotch and strings it through different conduits to the carotid artery. The specialist will place color into the catheter. The color will make your carotid artery show upon X-beam pictures so that the specialist can locate the contracted or blocked segment of the artery.

A slender aide wire inside the catheter used to move an inflatable and the stent into the carotid artery. The blow up is set inside the stent and expanded. This opens the stent and pushes it into spot against the artery divider. The inflatable is then emptied and evacuated, leaving the stent set up. After time, the cells lining the vein will become through and around the stent to help hold it set up. Carotid Stenting in Houston by our certified cardiologists is safe.

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