Echocardiography Test

An Echocardiography is a painless method that empowers doctors to perceive how well the heart functions. Echocardiography test uses sound waves to make moving pictures that are recorded and showed on a PC.

Echocardiography not just enables doctors to see the size and shape of the heart, it also helps cardiologists to pinpoint heart muscles that aren’t working productively and distinguish blood clusters or issues with significant arteries.

For a few patients, the doctor will arrange an echocardiogram that likewise uses a treadmill. The blend of Echocardiography in addition to treadmill helps the doctor to see and identify how the heart performs during exercise or times of added stress.

During an Echocardiography, a gel is connected to the chest to help the sound waves achieve the heart. A transducer -a wand-like device that transmits ultrasound waves moved around on the chest.

A PC then changes over the pictures transferred by the sound waves into a picture on a PC screen. Also, cathodes delicate sticky patches used to screen heart action are joined to the patient’s chest during this process. These terminals permit an EKG electrocardiogram to record the heart’s beat.

We provide ‘Echocardiography in Houston’ it is a test that uses sound waves, for the specialists to know the best possible working of the heart beat and blood pumping status. This procedure serves to recognize different anomalies in the heart muscle and valves.

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