Holter/Event Monitor in Houston

Holter Monitoring is a recording of your heart’s activity, your heart rate and heart rhythm. The recording runs for a set period, usually 24 hours or 48 hours. The activity is recorded on a battery-operated recorder, smaller than the size of a deck of cards, by attaching five patches or electrodes to your body.

When the recording is complete, a report is generated for your provider to review and make recommendations for your medical care and treatment. Our top cardiologist providing Holter/event monitor test services in Houston.

Event Monitoring is a recording of your heart’s activity, your heart rate and heart rhythm. Event monitors are given to you for a 30 day period of time. The activity is recorded on a battery- operated recorder, smaller than the size of a deck of cards, by attaching three patches or Holter/Event Monitor electrodes to your body.

You push a button when you feel your symptoms, this triggers the monitor to record for 60 seconds and the tracing is then transmitted to the monitoring company. This information is gathered over the 30 day timeframe. When the 30 day monitoring period is complete, a report is generated for your provider to review and make recommendations for your medical care and treatment.

Our Advanced Cardiovascular Care Center explains clearly on both Holter/event monitor in Houston and their working steps and how to perform the test perfectly to acquire best results and their by protecting you from having heart stroke.

Transesophageal Echo in Houston

Transesophageal echo (TEE) uses high-frequency sound waves (ultrasound) to generate high-quality dynamic images of the heart and its blood vessels. Transesophageal echo (TEE) employs an ultrasound transducer to produce sound waves and is positioned on an endoscope that is guided down the throat into your esophagus.

As the esophagus lies immediately behind the heart, clear images of the heart and its valves can be obtained without the interference of the ribs or lungs. The ultrasound waves are reflected from the structures of the heart and picked up by the transducer; a computer attached to the echo machine converts them into images which are projected onto a monitor.

Transesophageal echo (TEE) is done in 2 methods.

Transesophageal echo can be divided into:

  • Two-dimensional (2D) Transesophageal echo: This is the standard commonly used test that generates 2D images of the heart and its related structures.
  • Three-dimensional (3D) Transesophageal echo: This type produces 3D images that provide additional details about the structure and function of the heart and its blood vessels. It assists in the diagnosis of heart problems such as congenital heart disease, heart valve disease, and also in heart surgery.

Our heart specialist providing Transesophageal Echo in Houston.

Carotid Ultrasound Test

Dr. Annie Varughese is one among the Top Cardiologists in Houston and she is an avid speaker regarding issues in cardiology including that of Women and Heart Disease and holds the title of Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of Texas Medical School in Houston.

We provide Stress Echo in Houston a test to know how well your heart functions. The stress test is done with heart stimulation, either by exercise on a treadmill with the patient connected to an electrocardiogram. People who cannot use their legs may exercise with a bicycle-like crank that you can turn with your arms. The level of mechanical stress is progressively increased by adjusting the difficulty (steepness of the slope) and speed.

Nuclear Stress Test is performed to measure the heart’s ability to respond to external stress in a controlled clinical environment. The stress response is induced by exercise or drug stimulation. Cardiac stress tests compare the coronary circulation while the patient is at rest with the same patient’s circulation observed during maximum physical exertion, showing any abnormal blood flow to the heart’s muscle tissue. The results can be interpreted as a reflection on the general physical condition of the test patient. We provide Nuclear Stress Test in Houston to diagnose ischemic heart disease.

We perform Carotid Stenting in Houston is an endovascular, catheter-based procedure which unblocks narrowing of the carotid artery lumen to prevent a stroke. Carotid artery stenosis can present with no symptoms (diagnosed incidentally) or with symptoms such as transient ischemic attacks or cerebrovascular accidents (CVAs, strokes). The largest clinical trial to date, CREST, compared stenting to surgery on the collective incidence of any stroke, any heart attack or death.

Peripheral Angiography and Stenting

Peripheral angioplasty is often a minimally invasive process. These procedures usually are executed in the coronary heart catheterization laboratory work, under local anesthesia. An IV (intravenous line) to the arm or even side can provide medicine to create the method seeing that secure as it can be. The catheter can be injected right blood vessels vessel inside upper leg. Employing high-resolution fluoroscopic (X-ray) video clip in addition to movie equipment, the particular catheter can be advised by way of the particular peripheral artery that is certainly currently being treated.

Once catheter is in place the balloon is inflated and the peripheral artery can be stretched open. The actual fatty plaque or blockage is pressed from the peripheral artery wall enlarging the particular length in the peripheral artery. After the blocked area of the peripheral artery is widened the balloon is deflated and removed. Blood flow through the peripheral artery is increased, supplying blood to the heart.

We are board certified best cardiologists in Houston providing Peripheral Angiography and Stenting in Houston to identify narrowing of vessel or blocked areas in the arteries supplying your pelvis, legs, knees, ankles which is caused by reduced blood flow down the leg and to the feet.

Heart Specialists in Providing EKG Echocardiogram Services

Our heart specialists will be specialists in treating Carotid Ultrasound in Houston a logical imaging strategy performed more often than not to know the blocked or narrowed carotid arteries, to demonstrate an expanded risk of heart stroke. Results help the heart experts to chose and propose better treatment steps expected to decrease occurring of heart attack.

Our heart doctors giving advanced lipid test in Houston which is endorsed by the cardiology specialists to enhance the cholesterol treatment. Advanced lipid test is executed as the standard cholesterol test may not give complete information of the presence of cholesterol that provokes some danger parts to heart strokes and strokes.

Heart Care Center in Houston with top cardiologist giving Holter/Event Monitor benefits in Houston, these are every so often called as EKG’s (electro cardiograms) helps in screen or record understanding’s heart musicality reliably for 24 to 48 hours.

Cardiologists giving the EKG Echocardiogram benefits in Houston are highly experienced and using the innovation of Carotid Ultrasound to picture or figure the double dimensional parts of the heart. EKG Echocardiogram is likewise called as cardiovascular Echo.

We give Echocardiography benefits in Houston; it is a test that uses sound waves, for the cardiology specialist to know the best possible working of the heart beat and blood pumping status. Echocardiography strategy serves to recognize different variations from in the heart muscle and valves.

Weight Loss Therapy in Houston

A standout amongst the most important organs in the body is the heart. It serves numerous functions and alongside the brain, is discriminating in keeping us alive. So as to better comprehend the heart and all its functions, we look to cardiology specialists to help us keep our heart and all its encompassing segments healthy.

Dr. Annie Houston Cardiologist providing cardiac services with a team of highly experienced top cardiologists. Our Heart Clinic in Houston is one of the best cardiac hospitals with a team of experienced cardiology doctors. Our cardiologists providing health services related to nuclear stress test, advance lipid test which helps in knowing the proper functioning of the heart.

Cardiology is a range of ability under the umbrella of inward medicine. Cardiologists, who are doctors who have some expertise in the field, are taught in disorders of the heart and blood vessels. Extra individuals from the cardiology field incorporate heart specialists who perform cardiovascular surgery- -agent systems on the heart and great vessels.

We are a group of top cardiologists in Houston clearly explaining prevention steps and treated at special care. Our cardiac professionals are well experienced in providing EKG Echocardiogram, Echocardiography and Transesophageal echo services. Notice that stress is also one the reasons to have heart attack. Signs of heart disease are clearly explained by our Houston cardiologist.

The fundamental region of the cardiology field incorporates judgment and treatment of congenital heart imperfections, coronary artery illness, heart failure, valvular heart illness and electrophysiology. Be that as it may, there are truly many issue of the heart and every territory of the heart can show its own particular arrangement of sicknesses and issue.

Meet our cardiologists and tested on advanced lipid, nuclear stress and stress echo services. Providing cardiology health services is considered to be one of the biggest tasks where our cardiology doctors are highly dedicated in providing best cardiac services in Houston. We are specialized in providing treatment to heart problems like External Counter Pulsation Therapy and Cardiac Catheterization and Stenting in Houston.

The heart is a complicated organ. In most cases, preventative is the best medicine for keeping it in its healthiest form. Make sure you eat right, work out, and limiting risk factors, for example, smoking can all help keep you and your heart fit as a great shape. However, on the off chance that you do unearth an issue that is out of your control, it’s great to know where you can turn for expert cardiology care. Choose our Weight Loss Therapy in Houston to become slim, fit and active.

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